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Back From The Allergist

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I just got back from the allergist with my 9 mo dd. They did 2 panels of testing (we have to go back for 2 more next month) and those panels included milk (which her GI thought she was allergic to), oats and wheat, among other things. She tested negative for everything. He then sent her for a blood test to test for allergies to wheat, oats, milk and soy. I asked if she needed to ingest those things before the blood test for it to show up positive and he said no....which is different from what I have read.

He said that both the panels and the blood test could have false negatives though....

Anyone had a similar situation?

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Testing for celiac disease is different from testing for an allergy to one or more of the gluten proteins.

The test for celiac relies on detecting antibodies, which are only produced as a reaction to gluten, so for that you must be consuming gluten. But I'm not sure about allergy tests. Most allergy testing is done on the skin, and measures the reaction to an amount of the suspected allergen.

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