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Nutsonline.com And Gluten Cross-contamination

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So I've recently found a place called nutsonline.com that has a lot of good deals on gluten-free grains and stuff. However, I was concerned that maybe there was some cross-contamination. So, I emailed them. Someone responded and told me (I'm paraphrasing) that they do their best to keep everything separate, but that they do have things containing gluten in the same facility, and so there is no guarantee that they're free of cross-contamination.

Anyway, my question is, has anyone else used the stuff at this site? I mean, like amaranth, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, peanuts, etc.? And, if you have, have you had any reactions to it? I'm just curious as to how good they really are with keeping them separate (I don't want to rule out the site completely if I don't have to).

Also, I understand there's probably a greater risk of flours being contaminated than whole grains, but I'm not sure. Should I worry about the non-flour millet, amaranth, buckwheat and such as that, as well as the flour? I'm guessing the peanuts are contaminated for sure, but I don't really know.


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