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Glutned Reaction Time

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When you are glutened is it possible to have D within 10-15 minutes of eating something with gluten in it? I ate some white rice from a Casino Resturant after talking to the head chef who assured me it was fine.

15 minutes later.....D. I am going on a year of being on the gluten free diet and I still feel nothing like my old self. I know I have made some slip ups and I wonder if these slip ups are keeping me from fully healing.

I'm so tired and frustrated with this. I live at home with others that don't have to worry and I don't even really think they care that I probably am get poisoned still. Others say it can take time. I'm up and around more but I still can't exert my self physically without feeling like im going to pass out. If I do alot of things then I am hurting for the next day.

Gastro checked for other ANa antibodies and said they were fine so no other autom immune problems. Just at my wits end here. Stool returned to almost normal just kind of greasy at times but not having globs of mucus on it. ( sorry so graphic guys). Thanks for your replys in advance, Ted.

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well if i get glutened i can assure you that I will know within hours of contamination.

The epigastric pains starts and last all night...then the next day I know exactly where that gluten is in my body.....follow the pain track all the way down the gi track until EXIT..the I'm ok. I dont always get diarrhea but i get soft stool with undigested foods.....

it could take a couple of days to feel better again

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I don't really react quite that fast to gluten. More like an hour or more. But dairy gets me very quickly.

From reading your post I have a couple of thoughts. First you should feel better than you do by now. And second you probably need to be more assertive about your health to heal and feel well.

The reason for you feeling so weak can be as simple as vitamin defiency. Since you described mucous in your stool, that sounds like a leaky gut. You can have very low levels of nutrients when that happens. This can make anyone feel weak. Your dr can check your levels but you can go ahead and supplement right now and see if you get relief. A good multivitamin is a start, a B complex also but you probably need sublingual B12 (methyl kind), magnesium, calcium, D3 and fish oil.

Also you brought up cross contamination. Yes, this can set you back and repeately getting contaminated is not helping you heal. It would be nice if your housemates helped but understand that they will never get this disease the way you do. They simply can't. Did you get it before you were diagnosed? I didn't and I had a good friend with it. So you need to be in control of your dishes, cooking utensils and food prep. Put all of your things in boxes if you have to but protect yourself. Of course, having a talk with your housemates can be helpful but in the end, you alone are responsible for you.

One other thing to consider is that you might be sensitive to other foods and that could be why you still feel poorly. You may need to back off to very simple foods and start over to identify the problem. An elimination diet can help. Some people go on the SCD diet to begin with. There is a very long thread about that diet on the forum that can help you, if you wish.

This is probably enough for you to think about for now. Does any of this ring a bell with you? I hope you can find some relief soon.

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