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Anybody Know Anything About Tgase Added To Foods?

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Does anybody have any information about a food additive known as "meat glue," and called TGase, which I think is short for Tissue Transglutimase or something like that.

Anybody know about that?

I heard it was something derived from animals' intestines... an enzyme that we all have... however, what I heard if I got the story right, was something like this is an enzyme that activates gluten and is now often used as a food glue... and I thought I heard them say it was not labeledl where used?????

Could this be right? It was on the radio and I was busy with somethign else... not within good hearing distance, but it caught my attention. They said for celiacs... who can never really be totally 100% gluten free... (because of cross-contamination that's not totally avoidable)... and that they might do well, but if they ingest foods with this enzyme, it could activate very tiny amounts of cross-contamination that would normally be under the threshold for causing trouble and end up causing problems.

They said this was not required to be on labels... and added as industrial "glue," like for processed meats, some noodles, etc., etc., etc.

If it doesn't have to be on the label... it has me concerned... if that is true.

I have sometimes eaten things safe according to the label and then gotten sick and had to suffer for a while... which left me confused and afraid. Things that come to mind are roasted nuts, salmon patties that are suppoed to be gluten free... and eggs. Maybe it was conincidence, or maybe I'm intolerant to something else, like in the situation of the eggs, possibly, although I never used to have problems with eggs at all... just after I got gluten free for a year.... then suddenly I cannot tolerate eggs.

I wonder if this stuff actually is added without being listed on labels (why on earth it would be in eggs, or even HOW, I don't know... maybe i'm just grappling about... but eggs don't have an ingredient label... so... who would ever know WHAT they do to them???)... then this just worries me.

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I know nothing about the Tgase question but do know there are some who hold the opinion that when eating eggs you need to avoid eggs produced by soy fed chickens as this somehow works its way into the food chain. If you have soy intolerance problems this might be a possible reason. I cannot tolerate soy but have no problem with commercial "non organically" produced eggs.

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Dr. Peter Green mentioned it in this interview: It is from a radio show and there is some other stuff to get through before you get to the interview. I enjoyed listening to the interview when it got there.



He thinks that it might be responsible for some people being sensitive to low levels of gluten. I contacted my yogurt and meat companies and they said that they don't use it. Hormel natural luncheon meats, Wegmans yogurt and Stonyfield Farms yogurt.

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