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Yup. All that happened to me after knee surgery except I was a mess mentally as well and couldn't sleep. This could have been to due the fact that I was so itchy. I scratched so hard I made myself bleed. The hives were on the bottom of my feet and some days I couldn't walk (not good for some one had physical therapy to do on a daily basis for knee surgery. ugh)

On some places the hives were like welts. It was so weird. My joints also hurt and my lips and throat swelled up. I had my first panic attack, which is what my friend said it was but I think it was because I ate a loaf of bread that morning and then ate sandwich and my throat swelled up so I couldn't breathe.

I went to the emergency room and they gave me steroids and told me to see a counselor (because they know how to cure hives?!?!?! still don't get that one!)

luckily my mom came up to school and was like heck no and took me back home to see my holistic doctor. she gave me some homeopathic medicine, put me on a Gluten-Free and casein free diet that i have been on ever since (after 6 weeks i tried to eat gluten again and broke out in hives). I also took a probiotic and an intestinal repair complex. eventually the hives became less itchy and went away in a couple months all together. when i get glutened however it flares up again and my skin gets super sensitive.

say what you want about holistic doctors and alternative medication but i believe that everyone is different and in this case it saved my life, of that i am sure. it takes some people 10 years or longer to get diagnosed with celiac and i did not have 10 years to spare in my condition.

either find an allergist, a doctor that is open to and familiar with celiac, gluten allergies and intolerances or find a trusted holistic, alternative or integrative doctor. some may be whackos but we have been going to mine for a very long time and she has helped me as well as everyone we have recommended to her.

remember, we are all unique and built different, a concept that don't like to teach in medical school.

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