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Leaky Gut Syndrome And Food Intolerances

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My body turned on me about 3 yrs ago and after alot of trial/error and research on my own in addition to dr. appts., I believe that leaky gut is the result of food intolerances. For me, it seemed to be what I noticed more than anything at first. It took healing that leaky gut before I could focus more on the food intolerances. I found that doctors don't know too much about leaky gut and kinda left it up to me to deal with. They will say you need to replace the bacteria in your intestines, but that is usually in the form of yogurts and dairy was one of my big problems. My doc didn't know anything about alternative foods, or resources. I finally stumbled onto Kirkman Lab (www.kirkmanlabs.com) products....vitamins, supplements, etc. that are gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. I found acidophilus supplements and healed my gut. Then I tackled dealing with the food issues.

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