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How Long Do The Blood Tests Take?

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I had blood for anti-endomyseal AB and anti-transglutanase tests taken today. I also had a few other tests run (CBC, CMP, ESR, TSH, lipids). I received a phone call from my doc this afternoon saying that my TSH was high (I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism several years ago). She didn't mention anything about the other tests, so I'm curious if they are back and normal so she didn't mention it or if they are not back yet?

I'm not sure if I really fit the celiac profile or not. I've had certain food intolerances (eggs, avacados, bananas) with full blown severe cramping/diahrea for about 10 years, but for about the last 2-3 years it seems like almost everything bothers me-but not to the same severity as eggs/bananas/avacados.

I would say I have 3-4 bowel movements a day, they are usually either extremely watery or just very soft, I can honestly say I don't remember the last time I had a normal bowel movement, although it is usually not painful-no cramping or anything. I often need to go shortly after eating (usually within 20min or so), but the reason I mentioned it to my Doc was that it has gotten to the point where excercise will trigger diahrea. I'm having a hard time even just walking my dogs because it seems like a short while into the walk I get caught with the feeling of my intestines filling with water.

As far as other symptoms, I get a lot of fatigue-but I also have hypothyroid so I always blame that.

For the last few years I have had weird tingling/numbness in my feet when I first wake up in the morning-it usually goes away after a few steps. But I was diagnosed with raynauds a few years ago and attribute that to raynauds

I'm not underweight at all, in fact I could stand to lose 20-30 lbs.

I'm sort of torn. In some ways I'd like a positive Dx because then I'd know what it is and how to treat it, but on the other hand, I have no idea how I could live a gluten-free lifestyle!

So, I guess I'm wondering how long it usually takes the lab results to come back, and if not celiac, any other ideas?



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Hi Jennifer,

Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. I'm new here but should my post help - my complete blood count in January was normal. All thyroid numbers were normal, and iron and cholesterol. But I feel lousy! I started a lactose elimination diet today and so far what I've noticed is that I feel awful after eating whole wheat at dinner. Tired. Gassy. Now I want to sleep. Because I haven't had antibody testing done so I would say be patient for the results - it took a long time to get to feel this way so a little more won't hurt if it means you will feel better. As for not knowing about a gluten free diet - I know I would be happy to not have to worry about eating bread if it made me feel better. A lot of the changes have to come from above (in your mind) for the changes in your lifestyle and diet to happen. I know I like dairy products but I just told myself that if not ingesting them meant I would feel better I would do so. Also, there are substitutions you can make for gluten containing products - some foods you, or I, would never have even have thought of eating.

By the way, my pets have helped me along my healing. I have been advocating a raw food diet for them because the commercial stuff never satisfied them - they were always hungry, and I saw definite improvements in both behaviour and health when I switched to raw food. Amazing. I hope this helps and I'm wishing you quick results and good health! :)

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It took about 3 weeks for me to get my test results back. I had already gone gluten-free 3 months before hand so it was no big surprise the results were negative. I waited 3 months for my appointment and I didn't want to delay that long to start the diet.

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