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Finally, A Totally Gluten Free Bakery That Tastes Great

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:) I am so excited. My son has had celiac disease for about a year now and it's sooooooo hard to find a gluten free bread and desserts that taste good and that are just FRESH and that TASTES GOOD. And baking has been so time consuming for a working busy mom of three and husband, who just wants to find and have a decent gluten free loaf of bread and goodies for her kid. And the cleanup of baking all the time is a lot of work to make and clean up after baking bread. We found a TOTALLY GLUTEN FREE BAKERY called Holiday Bakery Co. at 1000 High Street in Worthington, Ohio, and they will start taking orders and deliver and I am hoping they deliver to everyone that is reading this because it is a blessing and a dream come true for fresh bread. I feel like such a burden has been lifted from me to find a fresh good tasting bread and gluten free desserts. Everything was fresh and there are cupcakes, cakes (including birthday cakes :) ), cookies, rasberry and blueberry buckle, brownies, muffins and I believe they have pies too but they must have been sold out, and they make g f pizza crust and so many other things. OH YEAH MY FRIEND CAN'T HAVE GLUTEN OR DAIRY AND THEY WILL HAVE DAIRY FREE, GLUTEN FREE THINGS TOO I think she said foccacia bread and something else too. They have a website. They sell out of things quick so you can order to ensure you get what you want. They were very friendly too. I hope this helps someone. I've only been there once as we just found it but I can tell you the red velvet and cream cheese frosted cupcakes and bread was really, really good!

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