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I was asked by my Doctor to have Colonscopy for small intestinal biopsy. I am kind of confused as wherever I have read, it's only Upper GI Endoscopy that has been done.

Has anybody ever had Colonscopy for determination of damage to Small Intestine? Is it recommended ?


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A colonoscopy can not detect anything in the small intestine. Perhaps the doctor misspoke and meant an endoscopy, the test that is for the small intestine. You should ask him to clarify. If celiac is suspected you need the endooscopy. Some doctors will do a colonscopy first then if nothing is found either deem you to have IBS or schedule you for another procedure for the endo. Personally I would insist on having the endo first or do both at the same time. Please don't forget that even with the endo false negatives are a possibility.

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