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Should I Have My Daughter Tested By More Than Blood?

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I have celiac. I had my 4-year old daughter tested by blood in March, and it was negative. Her vitamin levels were all normal as well. I always get these tested since we don't eat meat. She is growing normally. Very slim, but tall. She was only 4 1/2 pounds when born due to my pre-eclampsia and IUGR, so she has always been slim but always followed the same curve on the growth chart.

She generally eats gluten-free, since we are 100% at home, even her bath products. However, when she is out, she is welcome to eat whatever, since she is not Celiac.

But, this is my concern....I notice that her #2 (sorry tmi) is usually messy. Not totally runny, but requires several wipes to get her clean, if you know what I mean. Or sometimes, her #2 will float. Mine is not like this, but I know I have read it can be common with Celiac.

I am trying to keep track if I notice these things after a day of eating gluten.

She rarely complains of a tummy ache, and seems in good health, should i be concerned?

Is there a way I can do more testing, but not the biopsy to get a more definitive answer?

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You could consider Enterolab testing, they don't diagnose celiac but they can tell you whether she is making antibodies to gluten and they can also tell if her system is not absorbing fat. The floating stools can be sign of that.

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