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No Longer Asymptomatic?

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i've been gluten-free for 3 1/2 years, because I was diagnosed with celiac disease through a blood test and biopsy, but i never head noticeable symptoms. - except that beer brought on a stuffy head and migraine - even from one or 2 beers.

2 days ago, i was glutened (supposed gluten free meal - had soy sauce in it - after one bite, i questioned it, and they appologized and took it away)

ok, so the next day(yesterday) , I've got a migraine, along with the stuffy head and nausea. today, i'm still feeling knocked out, with a lingering headache in one eye (and that's after excederine a few hours ago)

it may be due to other things, (lack of sleep, stress, loud band at a wedding)or it may be that i'm no longer asymptomatic.

i guess i may never know, but, i was wondering what anyone thought about that?

anyone have thoughts on that?


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Hi and welcome!

I'm thinking what happened is that sometimes after we go gluten-free we get more sensitive to smaller amounts. Even though you were asymptomatic (although migranes and sinus problems are symptoms--just two of about 200), when you cut out the offending gluten your system was able to stop dealing with it on a daily basis and will now react when it's detected.

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