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Abnormal Labs-diagnosedli

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I recently was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I wanted to tell my story because the information needs to get out there. Celiac disease is underdiagnosed. I believe I have had it about 20 years.

I first had IBS symtoms around the age of 20 years old. I am now 41 years old. I developed Hasimoto's thyroiditis,Hypopthyroidism around the age of 20. Possible diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 36. I know anytime you have an autoimmune disease, others are sure to follow. I see a rheumy at the Cleveland Clinic since I was 36 years old. I now wonder if the arthritic pain is related to the Celiac Disease because my RA labs are normal. I do have mild anemia and a low Ferritin level (iron store level). This year in April after researching RA, I reviewed some info about gluten free diet help with RA, so I started the gluten free diet. Once I began this diet, I noticed my IBS got so much better, the diet was tough but I stuck with it until I had my last appt in early june at the cleveland clinic. My MD asked if the gluten free diet was helping my arthritis and I told him no. He then said it may not be helpful. I then stopped the diet and ate so so many wheat products. I didn't notify my IBS symptoms until maybe a week later, once it started it got so bad (never have had so many problem with it before) I had severe bloating, stomach pain, nausea. My stomach was so tight. I even went to my GYN and had an abdominal ultrasound and I asked if he would do the Celiac panel and he agreed. I don't think he would have ordered it if I would not have asked. My labs came back. My EMA was positive and my antigen IGA was 19, which is high. I showed the info to a gastrointerologist and he agreed it was Celiac disease. Before I saw the GI MD, I started the Gluten Free diet and after 3 days I felt so much better. The GI is going to do an endoscopy most likely next week. He did not tell me to restart the gluten for the endoscopy but I have read so much info that I should be on gluten for the test. Does anyone know about this .I have also read that the is a major increase in Gastric Lymphoma with you have Celiac disease and are not compliant.

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