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How To Help My Dd

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Thank for you for these forums. My dh and I have learned so much!

We're pretty sure my dh has celiac disease. He feels so much better when he doesn't have gluten.

Our dd (age 7) has a lot of gas. She doesn't complain of stomach pain except after eating tomato-based sauces. We have eliminated those. The gas problem remains. She also has eczema but doesn't get it very often. We've started her on the gluten-free diet. Do you think this will help?

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It could be seeing as there looks like there is a family history. Before you take her off gluten, I would bring her in for at least the blood tests, if not a biopsy too. A diagnosis could be essential to keeping her following the diet if her only symptom is gas. It would also help the people around her to make sure she is being kept gluten free.

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