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Just had to share an experience with a BBQ place. It's both funny and sad at the same time, because sometimes even the well-meaning just don't get it.

Went to pick up BBQ meat (brisket, pulled pork) at a local place - I already know from my local CSA chapter's newsletter last year that their barbecue sauces are NOT gluten free. Their meat, however, has nothing added or rubbed on it, etc., and is just smoked and/or roasted. As they were ringing me up, just for the heck of it (to see if they changed any recipes) I asked if any of their sauces were gluten free. The fella answered that they didn't have any gluten free but one was gluten friendly!

Yikes! I'd never heard that term before.

I told him there was no such thing. Hopefully they quit telling people that! Mostly for the sake of newbies who might think that was OK.


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