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My Ah Ha Moment.

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I was talking to someone I work with. We were talking about our kids. One of hers was diagnosed type 1 diabetic at age 5 and her other one has had severe reflux issues. We were talking about diet restrictions and various topics and I had my ah ha moment.

I had my second son in Dec. 04. I breastfed him until he was 16 months old. I immediatly eliminated anything obvious that would cause gas/fussiness like broccoli, onions, and all dairy except cheese and yougurt. Because he suffered from rashes to allergy type symptoms and reflux that I began to really restrict my diet for him. So, I did not eat rice, oats, dairy(with the exceptions above), and tree nuts specifically. I was not a big pasta/bread eater so I was not overdoing it with that. When I wanted it I would have it, but not like every day. I ate alot of mildly seasoned meat, veggies, and fruit. I was not obsessed with the lable reading but I did look for obvious things. I'm sure I got some stuff in ingredients without realizing it. I lost down to 150 lbs and was wearing size 8 jeans. I looked and felt great! After my son was about 9-10 month old he improved and I started slowly adding stuff back into my diet without him having any problems. I was really excited to start eating things again, and by the time he was 12 months old I was eating whatever I wanted. When he was 14 months old is when I started feeling bad and it took me until Sept. 08 to figure out what was wrong. I never put two and two together until now. The way I see it is I was probably gluten light from elimiting a lot of carbs and eating fresh foods. When I did have constipation and bloating I did not relate it to bread/pasta but just "something I ate." It makes so much sense now. I just wish I would have figured it out then. The amazing thing that is that my son is now 4 1/2 years old and has no problems and doing wonderful. He is happy, healthy and growing. Now it's Mom's turn. :)

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Congratulations! Doesn't it feel great when the picture gets clearer. ;)

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