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Picture Under Your Name

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I am new at this - but I have enjoyed the pictures that people have put up under their name. It helps me tell people apart from one another when they post a comment. Some are real pictures of themselves and some are of their pets. I'd like to have one show up too, and chose a picture for my profile. But when I posted a comment, I didn't see my picture under my name.

Is there something else I'm supposed to do besides upload a picture? My profile picture is of a white mouse - just to be different.

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There are two pictures that you can have.

You have uploaded the mouse as a "Personal Photo." It is visible when someone visits you profile, and a small version can be seen by clicking on your member name in a post.

The one that appears under your name is your "Avatar." Click on "My Controls," then "Edit Avatar Settings" (right above "Change Personal Photo"). Select the file you want, and click "Update Avatar."

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