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Weight Gain

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I have been diagnosed 7 weeks now (biopsy) after all of my adult life suffering with anemia. I was surprised at the diagnosis as have not had acute celiac symptoms, though now with the luxury of hindsight I can see that I have displayed most of them at different times, bloatedness of stomach, the bouts of dioreah of course the tiredness and bad wind and lackluster of skin hair etc.

I have always 'been on a diet' and struggle to maintain my ideal weigt of 140 pounds 5'6, when I was dx i was up to 154 due to lack of exercise as was to tired! I am now gluten free and am slowly beginning to feel better, more energy, and alert, wind has gone. I am eating quite healthy I'm leaving subsitute breads ckkes, biscuits etc alone as I know that they are loaded with fats and sugars, but I am gaining weight at about 1 pound a week and even though it sounds very vain considering that I'mgetting healthy but it is getting me down I have spoken to a few people with celiac and tthey say that it will right itself after a few months once the body knows that I won't be starving it anymore!

I live in the UK and the support or awareness of this illness seems way behind the USA so am very grateful for this site and information already gained from it.

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It is normal to gain some weight after diagnosis - your body is finally absorbing food.

However, you must get tested for hypothyroidism - celiac disease is directly linked. If you do have an underactive thyroid, this could explain some of the weight gain. In Austrailia they automatically test for one when you have the other.

I have both diseases.

Hope this helps.

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