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Does Your Dh Ever Look Like Poison Ivy?

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Can DH be mistaken for poison ivy? Or does it have a distinctly different presentation? For years, I've gotten a rash on my neck/face (usually on both sides). I've always just assumed it was poison ivy because we do have it growing in our yard. Suspiciously though, it seems like I would get it in other places if it truly was poison ivy, like on my hands and arms and THEN spreading to my face. Any thoughts on this? Any of you ever been told it's poison ivy? Just trying to connect a few dots here...

Thanks! :)

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Yes! Mine does; my hands are the only place I get it-first I notice my hand or sometimes both hands, especially fingers, getting red and hot then the little water blisters appear, just like poison ivy and they itch just like it too....my knuckle/s, the actual joint/s also sometimes swell.

Glad you posted, I thought I was the only one with poison ivy-like dh...

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