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Genetic Testing

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Hi all

My now 3 yr old had genetic tesing and they told me we were still in the same boat. One came back negative and one came back positive. Can anyone tell me what this means. I was so hoping it would be negative and we could start life over again. I go to her GI specialist on Friday so I am going to ask for a copy, but in the meantime if anyone can shed some light on this I would appreciate it...


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There are two genes that have been highly associated with Celiac - HLA DQ2 and HLA DQ8. Of diagnosed Celiacs,95-98% have one or both of the genes.

However, about 30-40% of Americans have one of both of the genes. Best estimates are that 1 in 133 (just less than 1%) of Americans have Celiac. So, having the gene does not equal having Celiac. But, if you don't have the gene, your risk of developing Celiac is much less than compared to someone who does have the gene.

Knowing that you have the gene is just one piece to the puzzle. She could have Celiac now, or develop it years down the road, or never develop it.

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