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Sun Crystals (blend Of Naturally Sweet Stevia & Pure Can Surgar)

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I have seen people commenting on using Stevia lately and thought it would be a nice substitute for sugar.

Has anyone tried Sun Crystals? It says that it a blend of naturally sweet stevia and pure can sugar.

Is it a safe alternative to sugar?

(I know I react to Crystal Light and I think it is the Aspartame-- Phenylalanine in it. I believe this is a sugar sub but not sure)

If a recipe calls for say 1/2cup of surgar do you use 1/2cup of Sun Crystals or 1/2 cup of Stevia?

I am trying to figure out an alternative to sugar (I have tried apple sauce and do like that with some recipes but not all).

Thanks for any input on this....

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I have Sun Crystals, but there's no stevia in it. I bought it quite a while back, so maybe they changed, or have more than one kind. Mine has a sugar alcohol, and cane sugar. I think it's 4 calories a serving (I'm not home so can't look at the label). It's very tasty. It passes the finger licking test for me. But very expensive and not available at many regular supermarkets.

best regards, lm

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If you do fine with stevia and regular sugar, you should be fine. (larrymac - The website no longer lists the erythritol as an ingredient.) I haven't had a problem, and I don't yet know of anyone who has a digestive issue with stevia (in small to moderate quantities, anyway). It can have a slightly unusual taste, but I find that mixing it with the tiniest bit of real sugar makes all the difference. ;)

If anyone's curious about stevia, you can grow it yourself at home, dry the leaves, and use those! I'm not kidding; I have a stevia plant in my living room right now!

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