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Bloated...uncomfortably ;(

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Hello all -

After two months of being gluten-free - I wanted to test the notion that i truly do have a gluten intolerance. I know it is a dumb idea, but I still was not completely convinced that I should follow a gluten-free diet or that it was the gluten and not say - dairy.

Yesterday I had Burger King chicken fries for lunch, then at dinnertime with my normal gluten free meal I had a triscuit cracker.

I was fine after the Chicken fries at lunch time (theese contain gluten but no lactose - that is why I chose that option), but started to become severly bloated after the triscuit cracker.

My questions:

Is it possible teh reaction is from the combo of chicken fingers and triscuit - just took longer for itto hit my digestive system, or was it just the triscuit I reacted to?

What can you do for the extreme bloating? I am a 100 lb woman - but look like I am pregnant now. This has been since last night about an hour after the triscuit ( Iknow it's probably the chicken fries also....just happpened to start after the triscuit). It's hard to walk around looking so ridiculously swollen ;( It's more of a mental obstacle than anything - but it's very frustrating to have to deal with the bloating when I have no choice butto be out and around people.

What do you all do if you ingest gluten and get the severe bloating??

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I'm so sorry you're feeling so awful!

I get that way from soy, so I'm 101% soy free now too. Someone here suggested to me to mix about 1 or 2 teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it down. It definitely helps. It's not great tasting, but cold water and drinking it fast in 1 or 2 turns helps. Then wash it down with some fresh water. Sometimes I'd repeat it a few hours later.

Hope you're feeling better soon!


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Never thought about the Soy possibility. I tried a lactose free butter that was made with Soy instead of milk ingredients last night for my potatoes - first time using it. I wonder if THAT was the issue. Hmmmm. Now I am wondering.

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