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Is This Dh?

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Hey everyone,

10 years ago when I was 15 I got this really bad rash on my hands.. I went to the doctor several times, each time he told me it was exzema and was prescribed incresingly more potent creams but nothing worked. After my 5this visit I gave up and delt with it. I was working at a fast food place at the time and thought i might be reacting to one of the many cleaning chemicals i was getting in contact with.

The rash itself was extreemly itchy, and it was multiple clear, p%$#@# bumps which popped and cracked.. it was really a discomfort!

Once I quit my fast food job, my rash seemed to clear up and I went without a bad rash for several years. I always have had a few spots of what I thought was exzema on my knee and elbow (usually only my right side) but nothing too severe.

About 9 months ago my rash came back! Not as bad as it was when I was 15 and it is only on my right hand.. but my pinky finger was totally swollen and itchy.. I also got a huge patch on my knee, elbow and upper hip..

Around this time I also developed many unexplained fatigue, rapid weight gain, incredible hunger (constantly shoving food in my mouth!!) and just did not feel right...

I went to the doctor about the rash and the not feeling right and was given the exzema and depression diagnosis.. after taking the antidepressants i still did not feel right..

I did some research and came accross Celiac diesease! I cut gluten out of my diet a week and a half now and my rash has started to clear!!! It looks so much better!!!

So my question is.. if a gluten free diet clears my rash does this mean it is definitly DH? And if it is DH then that means I'm definitly Celiac? And if I had DH 10 years ago, why did it seemingly go away back then without cutting gluten?

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So, I did a little more research... and all my Celiac symptoms started full force just after I quit smoking.

I've read that smoking delays the onset of Celiac symptoms. I guess that might explain the rash when I was a teen and no other symptoms.

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