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Angela S

Gluten Intolerance Testing: Blood V. Saliva?

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I was tested for a gluten intolerance. My blood test came back negative. It tested

Anti Gliadin IgA and IgG

Anti-Transglutaminase IgA

Immunoglobulin IgA

Immunoglobulin IgA

Secretory IgA (saliva)

Giadin IA (saliva)

My saliva test came back positive, it tested gliadin Ab, SigA.

So therefore the practitioner I am seeing has recommended going gluten free, which I have and have noticed no changes in my symptoms.

Has anyone experienced these types of results in conjunction with no clinical changes with a gluten free diet


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You said you haven't noticed any changes, so what symptoms are you experiencing? And how long have you been following a gluten-free diet? It may be that you simply haven't been following it long enough or that you're getting gluten from hidden sources (i.e. restaurant food).

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