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fig girl

Surya Temporary Hair Color

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I have been thinking about ordering the Surya temporary hair cream and wanted to see if anyone uses it. My hairdresser uses herbatint on my hair currently but it's kind of expensive to have it done there and if i could find something close to my natural color i'd maybe try it at home. I'd try the herbatint but my hairdresser is an excellent colorist and she mixed colors and i'd be too scared to try it with a permanent hair dye. I have brown hair that's kind of dark in the winter and lightens a little in the summer. I don't have a whole lot of gray so the surya may work ok. If anyone has used this before, how did you figure out which color to order? I've read the browns (and maybe all of the colors) are usually a little darker than they appear. That's neat if it covers the gray but doesn't change your natural color. It's been about 4 mths since I've had it colored and it's faded some - should i wait until the herbatint is completely out of my hair to use the surya? Sorry for all of the questions and thanks for any information anyone may have!

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