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Which gluten-free Cereal Brand Should I Use For My 5 Mnth Old?

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Hi Everyone-

I have a 5 month old and I was diagnosed with celiacs when I was pregnant with her. We are going to start introducing food in a few weeks and I want to start with a gluten free rice cereal. Any recommendations on a brand I should use?

Also, when I do introduce wheat, should I start with the barley or oatmeal?

I was planning on giving her the rice cereal first and then around 6 months, start with 1/4 of teaspoon of either barley or oatmeal 2 times a week and see how she does-

Your advice would be greatly appreciated-

Kathy Prince

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Cream of rice cereal is supposed to be very good for infants. I've had it with some butter and brown sugar, and it was good.

I think you should ask your pediatrician, but i've heard you should wait until they are one year old before any wheat is given. But i don't know for sure.

I think oatmeal might be easiest on the stomach, since it is originally gluten free, the only wheat she'll be getting is from cross contamination.

Like i said, double check with the doc!

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