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Guest missmyrtle

Hard Lumps.

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Guest missmyrtle


I am very concerned about the hard lumps that are easily felt in my abdomen. I have had these lumps off and on for two years but this last few weeks where I have had had trace gluten by accident they are very pronounced and painful.

There is an element of shame for me as my GP,(currently in process of changing). is not Coeliac friendly and a C.T scan and X-rays simply showed up a rather horrid distribution of fecal matter along with bloods that do not indicate any cancerous threat.

Over the past three weeks I have been uncomfortable, nauseous and have three hard lumps in my lower abdomen and I am at the end of my tether trying not to give up and being really frightened.

It is such a long way from the daredevil fun woman of the past and a long road that feels possible with time yet these lumps scare me so much that I have trouble not giving up. Please could someone let me know if these lumps happen along with swelling. Hate to think of you in this pain too yet would be comforting to know that I am not alone.

Thank you.

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It would be hard for someone to tell you what it is.

It could be swollen lymph glands which is something that I had problems with prediagnosis and they took a very long time to go down. That they get smaller and then larger with a glutening in my none medical professional opinion would rule out something dire like cancer.

If you are a woman have you seen your OB/GYN? They can be helpful with issues in the lower abdomen as they can be related to 'woman' issues, although with you they sound more gluten related he/she may be able to give you some answers. Your new GP as soon as you find one may also be more helpful.

I hope you are over your glutening soon and that you have been able to figure out what was glutening you.

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