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Guest Addicted2Gluten

Best Gluten Free Bread

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I had some from kinnikinnick and thought it was really good. :D

Nostaglia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days!!!!

" 15 years of it's stress!"

"blood work show's a disease called celiac,

but it can't be that because it's rare!"

Diagnosed via blood and biopsy 2003

Not a medical professional just a silly celiac

offering support, my

experience and advice

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I pretty much hated rice bread period, and had given up on gluten-free breads altogether until my sister forced me to try the Glutino white bread toasted with peanut butter on it. Its great and I actually eat rice bread now! Their flax seed bread also makes great sandwiches...gotta be toasted though!

Antibody positive, diagnosed October 2004.

Mother and two sisters with Celiacs also

Edmond, Oklahoma

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We make our own bread. My 17 yr. old son makes an awesome loaf of tapioca bread. It smells and tastes almost like real white bread. My 11 yr old make these cottage cheese rolls that are great for hamburgers. She makes a huge batch, so we can split and toast them the next morning. They taste almost exactly like english muffins when toasted. We like to have "egg McMuffins" with them.

The 17 year old son makes a chocolate cake that you can't tell is gluten-free. And his icing is to die for. He makes all our birthday cakes. They taste like they came from a bakery. Our 9 year old makes the cheba. She can make them so they are almost like goldfish crackers. When I make them, they aren't so good. Still edible, but not as good as hers. I hate to bake, my pies are gross. Soup is my forte. I'm glad my kids bake so well.


celiac disease/Lupus/OA/HH

gluten-free since 2002

5 of 6 children w/celiac disease

Dx celiac disease 2002

Positive bloodwork/Positive endoscopy

Lupus SLE/OA/HH/Hypothyroidism

Muscular neuralgia

5 of 6 children Dx celiac disease 2002

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Guest nini

I wanted to add if any of you have a Whole Foods near you that carries the Whole Foods gluten-free Bakehouse line, my daughter and I just had peanut butter sandwiches made with Whole Foods gluten-free Bakehouse Sandwich bread , I just microwaved the slices for about 30 seconds or so until they were warm and soft, This was the most delicious gluten-free sandwich I think I've ever ever had! My 5 year old ate her ENTIRE sandwich, which is a HUGE accomplishment for her.

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I have tried virtually all the bread products mentioned here... some are ok, and some are awful (to my taste buds at least) but so often rice type breads stick to my teeth, they seem to be ground so fine that they are sticky.

I have found only 2 products that to me are worth eating.... one mentioned here is the bakery at Whole Foods Markets, they are have their own gluten-free bakery now and although I've not tried all their products, I've not had one that wasn't excellent.

The only bread I really love wasn't mentioned, Manna by Anna, if you google it you will find where to order it. I use it in a bread machine and it comes out wonderfully (I do use a gluten-free dough enhancer). Its like a hearty wheat bread and it never crumbles or sticks to my teeth. It can be made in the oven too and I do it that way for hamburger buns and drop biscuts. I can't tell you how good it is!


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