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Got My Biopsy Report In

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Here is the exact info from the report

Duodenal biopsy

Benign Duodenal Mucosa with MODERATE villous blunting and increased chronic inflammation of the Lamina propria.


The villous architecture is moderately blunted and the lamina propria expanded by an increased compliment of mononuclear cells, to include plasma cells. Acute cryptitis or neutrophils are not noted. Eosiophils are not a significant component of the infiltrate. While few, scattered intraepithelial lymphocytes are present, they are not substantially increaseed. This finding is nonspecific, could be obsrved in treated malabsorption syndromes. Clinical correlation will be required.

*** I was on a gluten free diet three weeks prior to the biopsy

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Yes that would be a positive biopsy.

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