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Does anyone take aloe vera juice for indigestion or other GI problems? If so what is the best kind and can it be taken daily. Someone suggest to take Lily of the Desert Whole leaf aloe vera juice but I also saw where Georges has been mentioned. Which is best and has anyone who uses this seen results from it, how long?

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I'm one of the one's that mentioned George's - my nutritionist recommended it for me prior to colon surgery. It helps the body heal inside like aloe vera helps your skin heal outside with burns. I give a dose to my children (both celiac) every day. I also find that when my very, very sensitive celiac child gets gluten in her system, loading her up on aloe vera seems to make her feel better sooner (she can be sick for 3 weeks otherwise). If you are not concerned about taste (you mix it in with juice or just tough it out), Trader Joe's has the least expensive jug that I have found. It does need to be refrigerated after opened (unlike George's).

For my digestive tract condition, when I used it daily, I was going to the doctor every 6 months and it got changed to 12 months. For some reason I slacked off and quit taking it - could be just a fluke, but now I have to go back every 6 months.

I have no evidence, just children's moods and feelings and my own "miraculous" recovery from major surgery.

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