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Low White Blood Cell Count And Celiac Pre-diagnosis

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I have not been diagnosed yet, but I think I have Celiac disease. I have been with muscle fatigue and some muscle wasting since April 09. I have not been able to do my usual running or weight lifting. Since May 09 there has been some minor abdomen pain. Since the last 2 weeks, the abdomin pain is moderate, but a very upset bowel now...extreme bloating, gas, constipation and occasional diarehea. It appears to be an upper abdomen issue (just below ribcage).

Reasons why I think I have Celiac Disease:

1) Doctors ran blood tests...all were normal until last blood test:

WBC (low) with a value of 3.5 (Normal Range: 4.0 - 10.5)

Neutrophilis (Absolute) - Low: 1.7 (Normal Range: 1.8 - 7.8)

2) CT scan performed on abdomen....all came out normal.

3) Started Thyroid medicine for low Thyroid back in Aug. 2008. Current prescription is 125mcg. I am now in correct range for T4, etc.

- I read on the internet at a Celiac site, and also in 2 medical journals that Thyroid patients are susceptible to Celiac Disease. From Aug 2008 to Apr 2009, that's 8 months on the Thyroid medicince that can give Celiac Disease a chance to affect my small intestine.

- I have been eating gluten all my life with no ill effects (I'm 41 now).

- I am in the process of being tested for the first time for Celiac Disease (the bloodwork is drawnup), but I stopped eating gluten for 4 days and Dr said I need to be on it for the test...so I will eat gluten for 3 days now and will draw blood on Friday I think.

A couple of questions please:

1) Has anyone heard about thyroid patients then contracting Celiac Disease afterwards?

2) Is a low white blood cell count (WBC) common for Celiac sufferers who have not been treated yet?

3) Is muscle weakness and wasting a common condition of Celiac Disease sufferers? I do not feel tired (sleepy) only muscle fatgue over entire body. I suspect I am not sleepy due to being amp'd up on the thyroid medicine (recently moved from 100 to 125mcg and currently at the high normal range).

My abdomen has been going crazy and after 4 days of being gluten free it seemed to calm down. Now that I am back to eating gluten since yesterday the gas, bloating, minor abdomen pain and lower back pain is back. Could be a coincidence...but I am betting on Celiac Disease. Honestly, I hope I have it. I am tired of being muscle fatiqued and tired of the doctors saying everything is normal.

Thanks for reading this and responding with your opinions. Once the blood tests are returned...I will reply to this post for the benefit of other pre-diagnosed patients.



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I forgot to mention that my appetite has not dropped one bit. In fact, I think it's increased...probably due to the Levoraxine (Thyroid) dosage. I am eating healthy however. I hope it's the Gluten. I know this is an exaggeration, but with the minor muscle wasting, and bloated abdomen I am feeling more and more like I'm turning into E.T.! Anyone felt this way during pre-diagnosis days? Thanks.

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