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Revlon Mascara / Head And Shoulders / Dr Lewinns

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Just wondering if these two products, the Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara and Head and Shoulders Shampoos and Conditioners contain any gluten, my scalp has been driving me mad and my hair is falling out and also my eyes are watery and stinging quite often.

I have emailed both companies although had no replies just wondering if anyone else had issues with these products?

As I am in Australia I don't seem to be able to find alot of the products which I have read on here that are gluten free.

I use the Cetaphil gentle face cleanser and Dr Lewinns private formula day cream. I have read the cetaphil was gluten free does anyone know of Dr Lewinns?



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I would change shampoos and mascara immediately if I were you. Whether they are gluten-free or not you are having issues with them. You might want to post another question with the fact that you are in Australia in the topic title so that any fellow Aussies on the board will be attracted to it and perhaps better able to help you.

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Thanks for your reply I did another post for aussies so if anyone can help.

I changed my shampoo a few days back and feel like there maybe an improvement already. I will try some new mascara too.

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If you are having a reaction and losing hair, pitch those products ASAP!

Safe internationally marketed mascaras (order online from Sephora or the company itself):



Guerlain (google my post here for specific ones)

T. LeClerc wrote and told me all their makeup is gluten-free-- (double check label as info may be old)

They will cost more, but lord girl, at least you will have eyelshes to put them on!

Safe shampoos:

LUSH (they have a dandruff one- solids and bottles)

Myrh shampoo by Rene Furterer

Pytojojoba shampoo from Phytologie

Good luck! May you keep you hair!

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