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Does My Sons Asthma Medicine Contain Gluten

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My son takes Albuterol, and cingular (sometimes q-var as a backup if he is out of cingular)

so far we have had no problem with the cingular and albuterol. He was taking q-var before we knew he had celiac disease and we thought at the time it was the q-var that was making him sick. Whe he went off the q-var he also started a gluten free diet and got better. We are hesitant to try the q-var and we did not get a clear answer from a Dr. or pharmacists as to wether q-var contains glueten.

Does anyone know if q-var is gluten free? I will research it further, but I wanted to find out if any of our celiac friends on line might know from previous research experience.

Thanks Cin ;)

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