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Kind Pediatric Doctor In Anchorage?

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Hi, Just found this site and thought I would ask my question. Does anyone know a decent pediatrician in Anchorage? My two kids have some sort of gluten problem--I have never gotten to fully test them, except for the blood test because of a horrible experience with our pediatric clinic (they pretty much laughed at me, told me I had healthy kids, and stomach problems were normal at times of growing up, etc. etc. ) I ended up taking my kids to an ND, who was been truly amazing. We took the kids off gluten, and the improvements have been just amazing. So really, for now, I don't really care that they did not have a full work-up, because the benefits are clearly visible, even to the other people.

Now, I suspect something is wrong with my step-daughter. She is constantly zoned out, constantly eats--she can't help herself and even sneaks food at night, but she does not gain weight. She has extreme difficulty focusing and paying attention/concentrating and is constantly thursty. Due to our difficult family relations, I cannot take her to an alternative doctor, and really dont want to even think about our pediatrician. Does anybody know a decent one in Anchorage? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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