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Hello :D

I'm a newbie to the forum and gluten issues. My main question is in bold below if you want to skip the story part ;)

At the end of May, out of frustration in being told that my feeling unwell was all in my head (same answer for the last 15 years) and being handed another Rx for anti-depressants, I got down to some serious prayer and asked for God to show me the path to feeling well so that I could experience the joy of living that I see everyone around me experiencing. My prayers were answered as I kept getting information that pointed me in the direction of nutritional healing and food issues.

Long story short, I did the Master Cleanse to clean out my system and then got down to the business of introducing foods one by one into my diet, wheat being the first with a most unpleasant reaction: numb, tingly mouth, extreme immediate fatigue, and an incredibly nasty attitude. Wheat wasn't the only reaction and despite the diet changes that came about from this knowledge, I was happy to have an answer that no one had suggested to me prior.

I was referred to an allergist who finally gave me acknowledgment that it wasn't all in my head and suggested we do blood work for Celiac, but that would require eating gluten/wheat again. I had only been gluten-free for about 2 months (except for having been intentionally gluttened by my inlaws to see what would happen, sickos!) so he thought one week of eating gluten foods would be enough to do the blood tests. I am continuing the gluten after the blood tests because of the possible biopsy.

I know many people disagree with the gluten challenge, however, I need (for my own peace of mind) to go through the motions and get an official diagnosis so that I have information to share with my sister & niece, in preparation for my future children, and so that I can have an official Dx to warrant ongoing monitoring of the complications that come along with Celiac. If I don't, it will always gnaw at me. I know in my heart that gluten free is the solution, but also recognize that our medical culture doesn't support feelings of the heart as viable diagnostic tools to base treatment on (nor does my family). While I don't necessarily condone allopathic medicine, I do recognize that I have that cultural model to work within and must cooperate to a certain degree in order to get the few benefits from it that I can. I should have the test results within the next week.

I'm relieved that the solution to Celiac is intrinsically, although not necessarily practically, simple: Don't eat gluten. However, this doesn't answer the question of how to heal damage that has been done. I'm wondering if anyone has any guidance on speeding the healing process:

  • Has anyone worked with orthomolecular medicine and megadoses of vitamins?
  • Are there any herbs or nutritional avenues that speed the healing process?
  • Any success with fasting, juicing or Gerson therapy?
  • How long has the healing process taken?
  • What pitfalls should I watch for?
  • What healing reactions might I expect?

Thank you to everyone who has traveled this road ahead of the newbies and left the gluten-free bread crumbs for us to follow...

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hi I am a mom of a daughter that I suspect is gluten intolerant, but not Celiac. Before you jump to solutions and treatments, you may want to understand causes.

I will share you my duaghters problems in this thread


and another thread that addresses the differences between outright Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance


I especially recommend this youtube video, at least the first presentation

before you start to navigate, you have to learn a bit about the territory. Hope this helps!

pm me if you want.

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