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Peripheral Neuropathy

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Wow, your poor daughter had shingles at age 15? Oh, my goodness. Is she okay now..healthwise?

That poor girl. My youngest son had mono when he was just 7 and it was horrible. He was severely stressed at that

time and had been sexually abused and we were going through a transition with a new step father who turned out to be a control freak who pressured us all...that lasted seven years.

My ex was told by his doctor that when he was only 50 and had shingles that the younger you are when you get them the more likely you are to come down with cancer so be very very careful with your health and to get lots of rest and to eat an anti cancer diet, no sugars, sodas, plenty of greens etc.

Not to worry you but I would take some time getting her to consider going to an alternative health care provider and having her try some muscle testing for what supplements she is lacking.

It is believed that by replacing organic versus inorganic minerals in our bodies and drinking distilled water that we can rid ourselves of the badminerals (inorganic) and have the good ones left behind which will help us function at our best ability and will restore our health.

I, personally, am so tired of being unhealthy all of my life as it has become a lifestyle to sort of "own" my diseases.

saying, "I have fibromyagia (well that is gonenow too actually)," and "I have thyroid disease" (I am working on getting that one reversed now as I was successful reversing it for 18 mo's much to my doctor's amazement in the late 1990's until my husband refused to allow me to buy them anymore, the supplements which were helping me...

they were : selenium, zinc and copper in an 8 to 1 ration, B6 with B complex on the side, super blue green algae capsules (that came from upper Klamath Lake in Oregon , the harvesting was done there I mean as it is a clean lake),

pantothenic acid supplement/pills, and this was actually a remedy that a Christian doctor recommended who I saw on television and he has written a book called. .."What you Don't know may be Killing you", his name escapes me at the moment....was it Dr. Donald Colbert? or he may be the other Christian doctor...I'll try to find out..anyway...it appears that having a host of other auto immune disorders throughout my life like psoriatic arthritis in my knees, (skin problems), hashimotos which changed to just low thyroid thankfully after adding the vit D3 , IBS, possibly Lupus,

myasthenia gravis, which seems to have disappeared, vasculitis and neuropathy which is now gone...migraines for over 40 years, which recently had started in my hand...as I explained earlier which is so very odd...and is associated with the change in the vascular system throughout one side of the head, one arm and one hand causing numbness and tingling...and pain..., and fibromyalgia, and shingles....this recent doctor said he thought all of my other doctors should be sent all my gluten products UPS for not diagnosing me properly til now at age 61....he was so upset.

I am just glad to be here and know what is going on finally and I hope to improve now from that too....with all your comments and help I hope to learn from those of you who have been struggling with making a gluten free diet work; I'm sure I can learn a lot about that diet here. Thank you again for your help. I hope my experiences and comments can also in turn offer some help to you as well. Everyone's personal experiences come at such a great cost to them personally and to offer what we know and have experienced here is to place such trust in each other to be kind and understanding and sympathetic to what we have endured and continue to endure in many cases. Blessings, and again thanks so much for your replies. And, yes, emotional and physical (doing to much) stress brought upon the shingles indeed...and with the background of a stressed immune system as related above and with the mercury being dumped and I do believe with the excessively large amt of B12 with the dumpedmercury, in my opinion it added to my problem. I will find the report and bring it here ..wish me luck. In any case, if you do not have excessive amounts of mercury in your system as did I you should be benefiitting for nerve repair and without the side effect of the problem I believe I have endured due to the mercury in my system. For now, it is only conjecture and should be treated as such until I can get that information I read somewhere. If not....anyone who wants to google B12 and mercury may be able to find what I had found. I am only trying to prevent anyone else from suffering from what I am now going through with the possibility of breast cancer; pleaee understand I only want to help others not diminish any good or beneficial results or drown any hopes anyone has for the benefits of B12. I know how important it is to find something that finally works and to want to hold onto that and continue with one's healing. I only wishI could take a lot of B12 now for the same but do not dare to until I rid myself of lots more mercury. I'm glad we can share our experiences here openly for all to decide for themselves what is best individually. This is a wonderful forum. Blessings dear people, GraceTruth

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I've been glutened before though, without this happening. I'm thinking it's probably the weights, they're causing the aggravation. I just came back from my walk, my left hand was complaining, my feet were buzzing...maybe it's this horrible humid weather we are having. It's been the weirdest summer. My CFS symptoms seen to be in a flare, the fatigue is terrible. Before my walk, I took a nap, quite by accident! ;) Am I rambling? :P

Deb , I love your commentaries and esp. your quotes at the bottom here...they are really great

Have you tried getting off of potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant? I have found I don't have the hand thing and the migraines and such and the numbing limbs anymore and the tingling. Also have you ever had your vit D3 levels checked and have you been tested for hashimoto's antigen? The Vit D3 wouldI believe in my low opinion would take away the hashimoto's maybe as it seems to have done for me....also adding prehistoric minerals or even colloidal minerals and cod liver oil I think and selenium may do a miracle makeover for your symptoms. Please prayerfully consider trying this regimen...I would love to see you get your life back girl. with concern and sincerity for your well being, GraceTruth I have had symptoms like yours...I 'think" I know what you are going through ...at least in part.

Hope this helps. prayers being said for you Deb, hope you don't mind.

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