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So I tried Vegan Gourmet's mozzarella-flavored cheese substitute. I liked it a lot, though found it had little in common with mozzarella cheese. (Similarly, their cheddar flavor tastes a lot like vaguely cheese-flavored tofu. Fortunately, I like tofu.) What it seemed more like was a good filling for lasagna; maybe not ricotta, but something similar. However, I weegied out on going full tilt with lasagna and just made baked pasta with chicken instead. It uh turned out. Laid down a layer of garlicky chickeny pasta-y goodness, then a layer of cheese-like substance, then a top layer of pasta. Cooking for an hour (especially with the foil off for half that) was probably excessive, considering that all the ingredients were cooked already, but it turned out. Man, did it turn out! (Even with some kale thrown in; thanks again, juliebove.)

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