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I am new to this and wanted to see if I can get some advice. I have two kids that had various health problems since pretty much they were born. Between the both of them they have asthma, vitiligo, eczema, vitamin deficencies, big bellies, constipation, stomach aches,etc. They both responded really well to the gluten elimination, actually pretty dramatically. I have not really tested them for celiac, as my pediatrician pretty much refused. I am content with the improvement and believe that they have celiac and prepared to go with that.

Now my ex-husband on the other hand, even though impressed by the improvements, thinks that giving them a break with gluten is good but he will try to reintroduce the gluten after a little while, especially when he finds out just how careful he has to pick out the food, that its more expensive (I have been packing them lunches and snacks for when they go over there). Despite my efforts, he does not believe in food allergies, and especially in celiac.

Now my dilemma is that the girls have been off gluten and even if I could find someone to order the testing, do I have to put them back on gluten? Is there a test that would not require it?

How accurate are the testing? And what are the good tests?


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How old are your kids? I've heard a couple of other stories like this and it seems to work best when the kid(s) say, "Daddy I can't eat that."

If your kids are still really young (under 5, for example) then it can be difficult to get a firm diagnosis. Lots of false negatives. If you want to try a gluten challenge you probably need to give it a good three months... eating gluten every day. IMO, your kids are better of the way they are, even if it's just a gluten-lite diet. Childhood is such a critical time for growth and development. Three months is a long time to be poisoned on a daily basis when you're a kid. The other option (assuming your ex would believe it) is to get a genetic test. I was never able to get a firm diagnosis, but when I found out I have the DQ8 gene I felt like I was really smart to stay on the gluten-free diet. You can do a genetic test at any time and order it yourself... you don't need a doctor's permission (although your insurance probably won't pay without it).

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You could also look for a doctor who will diagnose based on dietary response. It might take some searching, but those doctors are out there. I'd hate for you to have to put your kids through eating gluten again for what may or may not result in a positive test.

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