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Still Bloated?

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The first time I went mostly gluten free for 3 weeks my stomach felt great!! It started going downhill as I didn't completely eliminate all gluten. I went back on gluten for 2 months to be tested - I was miserable w/D and bloating....lost like 7 lbs.

I have tested negative w/blood and biopsy. Here and there during my gluten challenge I would go a day w/out gluten and my stomach didn't bloat at all.

Now that I have decided to go gluten-free for real :) (despite the negative results....I just know I felt better those first 3 weeks) I'm a little bummed that I'm 4 days into being gluten free and still feel bloated...heavy is more the term I would use in my upper stomach area (I've had my gall bladder removed and it feels like it did before I had it removed!). I don't know why in past times even not eating gluten 1 day I wasn't bloated?? Ugh....this is frustrating...especially w/out an official diagnosis! W/out an official diagnosis I just feel like I'm playing around and don't really know what I'm doing.

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Your body is telling you it can't deal with gluten. I would believe my body's response before any tests or dr's opinions. Testing is OK but it isn't 100% accurate. Many people test negative by blood and the biopsy, well just imagine your intestine open and stretched out like a floor. That floor is as big as a tennis court! They only take a few samples so if your damage is spotty as is common, they can definately miss the bad spots. Do you have copies of tests? Post your results here as there are those who have the knowledge to read those for you. Sometimes the way they interpret the results can be slanted by opinion, too.

And after all that, if you are gluten intolerant, you get all pain with none of the ability to dx! What a bummer!

You said your healing is different this time. When you go on and off gluten, the recovery can be different each time. It's just bad for you to do that to yourself. I think that's irresponsible of dr's to ask you to do that. Don't give up, the bloating will subside but in it's own time. Let us know how you're doing.

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