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What Do You Eat?

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Just out of curiosity, and to see if I'm on the right track, and to get new ideas, whats your daily menue like? What do you eat in a typical day, including snacks? I'll start.


Poached egg in tomato-zucchini mixture

small piece bread

am snack

1/2 banana

1 other fruit

couple of crackers


bowl of soup - mostly veges, small amout of meat

small bread or crackers


Vege stirfry with chicken

brown rice

pm snack

cheese and crackers or

an occasional sweet

plus - a piece of chocolate every day.


2 sausage links

fried cornmeal mush

sugar-free syrup


chicken, brocolli, and swiss quaesadilla


salmon patties

spnich salad

roasted herbed potatoes

Whats on your plate today?

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i found a really good teriyaki chicken recipe that my husband loves! i found it on this site as a matter of fact. also i usually bake muffins at the beginning of the week. two of those plus two scrambled eggs with cheese is a good breakfast. i like plain salted rice but others get tired of plain foods more quickly than i do.

honestly i could eat mashed potatoes eveyr single day and not get tired of them :P

chocolate once a day is a must. along with fruit, like you said :)

other things i enjoy making are fried chicken, and baked chicken with a light seasoning of mixed pepper and olive oil. i dont like to eat a lot of red meat because too much of it greatly upsets my stomach at times. i cannot figure out why some days are bad and other days there are no problems.

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Here is a list of stuff that I eat on a regular basis-- it is my gluten-free/cf/low sulfite/ low nitrate grocery shopping list. I will divide stuff into food groups. I cook everyday:

lifestream gluten-free buckwheat waffles (I use these as bread sometimes)

white and brown rice, sometimes a small red variety

almond milk (non-sweetened and sweetened both)

corn meal (maseca)

flour blend (domata)

various alternative flours and gums (energy, Bob's, etc.)

sugar (brown and white)

real vanilla extract or beans

salt (kosher, pink and grey) and peppercorns

baking powder and soda and cream of tartar

oils (olive, grapeseed, walnut and sesame as well as canola)

applecider vinegar

gluten-free buillion

gluten-free soy sauce

gluten-free ketchup

dijon mustard (or some intereting gourmet ones if gluten-free)


coconut milk/ cream of coconut

gluten-free mayonaise

gluten-free fish sauce


various spices

enjoy life choco chips

peanut butter


chick peas

lentils (mostly the red ones)

beans (mung, great northern, kidney, butter, etc.)

nuts-- cashews, pecans and almonds

chicken (organic and local)

shrimp (organic no sulfites)


occasionally beef (if I do ground beef I grind it myself to avoid cc)

no nitrate bacon (rare-- usually for company)


fresh pineapple

cantaloupe and other melons


apples and pears

oranges (I do a lot with orange juice) and tangerines and blood oragnes, etc.






plums/ apricots

nectarines and relatives



grapes and cherries


anything that looks good and exotics

peppers (hot and bell)





potatoes (red, usually)

red onion

sweet yellow onions (vidalias and walla2 as low sulfates)


fresh ginger root

green and wax beans

cucumbers (English usually)


leeks and green onions and fresh chives

fresh basil and mint and other herbs

spinach and butter lettuce


sweet potatoes



anything that looks good and exotics

Junk food:

chips and salsa

potato chips (I usually make my own now)

french fries (ditto)

candy-- limited to life savers, jelly bellies and stuff I make at home

carbonated water (use in recipes)

popcorn (definitely make my own)

With this I can make ost everything I need or want. You can make a surprising number of things.

Breakfast: waffles and p-butter

Lunch: an entree (shrimp rolls or a stuffed arepa or chicken curry, etc.) with rice or potato and 3-5 veggies and a fruit. If I am desperate, I might do up some eggs. No sandwiches or anything like that.

Dinner-- same thing. If I ate a meat for lunch I will do all veggies for dinner or vice versa. But there is always a protein.

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I'm gluten/dairy/corn/soy free...

Typical day:

Green smoothie, usually with spinach or collard greens, an apple or a pear, a plum or maybe some kiwis, and then berries like strawberries and blueberries for antioxidants, all mixed up in the blender til smooth.

(sometimes I will skip the next meal and have another green smoothie instead)

3 scrambled or poached eggs.

Dinner is usually roasted steak or chicken and stir fried vegetables, no sauces or anything like that, just lots of garlic, salt and pepper and sometimes hot chilis.

Alternate dinner: Rice and beans. (try not to eat grains too often though)

That's about it!

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Yesterday I had:

Constant Comment tea with stevia

2 eggs scrambled with tomato and onion in butter

morning vitamins

grapes and cheddar cheese

smoothie with unflavored soy milk and stevia, chocolate syrup

pan fried chcken breast with Lawry's Seasoned Salt

green beans


chocolate and peanuts

homemade chicken and potato soup

kettle corn


evening vitamins

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Well, I'm a bit boring because it's taken a long time to figure out what other things I react to. (was gluten, soy, corn, dairy, nightshade, egg and legume free for over 2 years. Now I can eat whole corn and dairy.) I am a SUPER sensitive!

Here it is:

Greek yogurt (Fage)

brown raw sugar

milk (no additives)

coffee (on occasion-Maxwell House)




Lundberg rice cakes (occasionally)

Planter's nuts (cashews, almonds and macadamias)

whole pecans

Tinkyada Pasta

Enrico's pasta sauce

olive oil



Real salt and now Morton iodized salt

homemade jams (blueberry, strawberry and grape)


organic chicken

all fish especially salmon and haddock

shrimp (when fresh Maine shrimp are in season)

lobster (on occasion- 3 lobstermen in my family including my son and brother)

romaine lettuce

swiss chard



all squash

butter (Cabot)

Cabot cheddar cheese

fresh basil, rosemary, sage and dill


sweet potatoes

red peppers

white wine: unoaked like Barefoot, 4 vines

enjoy life chocolate chips

Pelopponese greek olives (on occasion)

Lara bars on occasion

ener g rice flour

little bit of egg (in cookie recipe I make)

apple cider vinegar (I wash all fruit with this- actually clean the house with it and it's a great hair conditioner and shiner!)


grapes That's mostly it!


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I have two additions not mentioned above: Quinoa [a gluten-free grain] and Bragg Liquid Aminoes [helps with digestion, made from soy, used in place of soy sauce as tastes very similar to it]. If quinoa is new to you, as an initiation, try adding it to rice. For example, 1 cup of brown (or white) rice + 1/4 cup of quinoa in your rice cooker. It adds a nutty taste to the rice and LOTS of extra nutrition. Be sure to look for pre-washed quinoa, like Ancient Grains brand - it makes cooking it a lot easier. Another favorite is quinoa and black beans cooked with celery, onion, green pepper, and spices. In fact, I add a bit of quinoa to all my homemade soups and chili's. The nutrition value is very much like whole wheat, but even better...and NO GLUTEN.

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Lately I've found that eating mostly fruits and vegetables works well for me:

Breakfast is usually one fresh pineapple

Any single fruit every two hours during the day (different fruits digest at different rates, so I avoid combining them):

papaya or strawberries or cherries or raspberries or blueberries or kiwi, etc.

Dinner is vegetables

green vegetables soup (spinach, spring lettuces, celery, cucumbers, red bell pepper, Summer squash, cilantro, garlic which I blended first--sometimes I eat it as a dip or a cold soup)


corn tortillas with refried beans, salsa, and raw or cooked vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, etc., lettuces, cilantro, etc.) or

Chili Rellenos made with corn meal (I put salsa in the corn meal, gently brown it in a fry-pan, put the Ortega Green Chiles or fresh Pasilla Chiles cooked on top, brown on both sides, then pour warmed refried beans on top. Sometimes I just put the chiles into an "oversized" Mission Corn Tortilla that I just discovered at Von's, or into a rice tortilla from Jimbo's that I also just discovered.


meatless tamales with refried beans

I know that I have a great deal of compassion for anyone just learning that they are gluten intolerant, because of what we've all been through, but I am so thankful that with the new diagnosing techniques also comes a new awareness of what we're eating, and a proliferation of new food items in the stores, that meet our needs more fully.

I'd love to someday have a restaurant in my hometown that meets the needs of all of us with food intolerances.


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Thanks all - you've given me much food for thaught. Sometimes I get in a rut. In a big one now.....not only food.

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