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irish daveyboy

Starting A Project, All Help And Assistance Welcome.

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I'm working on a project, looking at the differences in Celiac Disease, Food Stuffs, Diagnosis or lack of,

the funny to the serious and everything in between.


What was it like being a celiac way back in the dark annals of time,

how did people cope, what foods were available.


Anything at all, funny t-shirt sayings, cartoons of the day,

photos of gluten-free products from way back when

broadband was something to keep the hair off your face.


A hard drive was Texas to New Jersey non-stop


Here are some ideas, of the sort of light hearted things I have in mind.


Bread in a Tin


Colon Cancer is a real pain in the Butt


Celiac's go against the Grain


Wheat - V - Gluten Free


Thanks in advance for any help, anecdotes, photos, links to items.


This I hope will be a light hearted look at the differences.


Best Regards,



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