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celiac disease Dna Test Results

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Well...this 16 year IBSer's test results came back today. Here is what I got from Kimball:

Positive for a celiac disease-associated HLS allele.

DQ2 alleles:

DQA1*0501 or *0505 (Detected)

DQB1*0201 or *0202 (Not Detected)

DQ8 allele:

DQB1*0302 (Not detected)

I thought they were going to check the alpha on the DQ8(?)

Read a lot here and elsewhere regarding the "positive for half of the DQ2 heterodimer". I'm glad I found this out even if I don't technically have celiac disease and even if my chances are low that I should develop it. My response to a gluten free diet tells me I must stop eating gluten and how it makes me feel when I do screams "destruction"! I think many of you know how I feel/what I mean.

I would really like to do Enterolab next and see what else I should be watching out for. Just found out that a sibling has become latose intolerant and has to elminate dairy completely or else suffer dearly. I'm willing to forego even more foods if I can get my life back and not feel so bad through half of it!!

I had to come post here!!! Thanks for reading :) I know you guys understand.

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