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Psychiatrist In Ann Arbor Mi

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I am moving to Ann Arbor, MI. I need to find a psychiatrist or psycho-pharmacologist who has experience with celiac disease. I have a sneaking suspicion that my healing is affecting my medication absorption. My current psychiatrist doesn't know anything about celiac disease, and I wouldn't trust a pcp or gi doc to mess with my psych meds. Are there lists of psychiatrists who know about celiac disease?


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good luck with that! I've lived just north of Ann Arbor for nearly 4 yrs and have been gluten and various foods-intolerant for 3 1/2 of that. I haven't found any docs that is very knowledgable on the subject yet. But perhaps I just haven't found them. I get tired of going from doc to doc/appt to appt and just try to modify my needs on my own more. With the UofM Medical, I'm sure there's someone around that can help you.

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