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Low Phosphorus

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I was talking to my mom this morning and she mentioned that my dad was informed by his doctor that his phosphorus was low again. It was low just a month or so ago and he had to take some powder three times a day for a week. He had his levels checked after this and they were ok. Now it is low again and he is frustrated and does not understand. The doctor does not know why it is low either. From what I could find (very general) is that low phosphorus or phosphate can be from kidney damage where they are excreting to much from the urine, taking diuretics or laxitives(certain ing.), certain meds can interfere, severe diabetes, stomach surgery,rickets, alcoholism, breathing problems that can lead to it, problems with your blood electrolyte levels, such as low blood magnesium (needed to absorb phosphorous), or high blood calcium (which binds to the phosphorous, making it lower than normal), low vitamin D, and the last two that lead me here are poor absorption and endocrine problems such as parathyroid and thyroid.

He is not an alcoholic, does not have rickets, diabetes, does not take laxitavies or diuretics, no stomach surgery and no breathing problems. This leaves some of his medication (protonix, blood pressure, vitamin, vitamin B6, clarinex, and I'm sure there is more), possible kidney damage, parathyroid/thyroid problems, low vitamin D and poor absorption. I am leaning toward the last four as possibilities. I was wondering if there is a correlation with low phosphorus and celiac? Being that it can cause malabsorption of a host of other things (phosphorus is indeed absorbed in the small bowel) could it be a possibility? His doctor wants to put him back on the medicine again, but my fear is that it is just going to get low again as it did before. How long does this doctor want to keep doing this I ask and asked my mom to talk to the doctor to find the "cause" of the problem just not treat the symptoms. I have stated before I think he needs to get screened for celiac. As long as I can remember he has always had bad heartburn, his mood can swing in an instant (he gets extremely irrational and well, mean over the stupidest things), had part of his bowel (not sure small or large) removed in the early 1980's because it twisted and got gangranous, low cholesterol and triglicerides and despite his weight either overweight or not he has a very protruding belly that is hard not soft and sort of hanging down like one would expect if he is overweight. He has refused in the past to get screened for celiac and does not want to hear it. I don't preach. So I mentioned to mom to have the doctor look at possible causes for it and that at least, even though he does not want to hear it, should get screened for celiac. I am curious if they will check his vitamin D level too. If that is really low then I will be more suspicious. Has anyone here had problems with their phosphorus/phosphate?

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