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Southern Snow Sno Cone Syrup?

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Our local sno cone stand uses Southern Snow syrup. I looked at the label and of course the only questionable ingredient is "flavors." I contacted Southern Snow and here's what I've been told:

"We do not add any gluten to our flavors when they are made. However, I do not know if the the ingredients that we use to make our flavors contain gluten. So I cannot say with absolute certainty that are flavors are gluten free."

I've responded by asking if I can find out the manufacturer of their flavors so I can contact them, or if someone from Southern Snow will contact them. We'll see what they say.

I was hoping that maybe someone here has experience with this brand of sno cone syrup and has determined it to be safe?

Thank you!

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I would still be interested in knowing if anyone has experience with this brand, but here's the response I just received regarding three flavors, FYI:


The manufacturers of the ingredients that we purchase from are confidential. We have found that three of our flavors are gluten free. They are Cotton Candy, Black Cherry and Spearmint. The allergen information sheet states that each of these flavors do not contain gluten, however gluten is present in other products that are manufactured on the same line. The allergen sheet states that the line is not a dedicated line, however effective procedures are in place to avoid cross contamination of the product. At the moment, we do not have any information which definitively states that our other flavors are gluten free. We plan on having more information on some of our other flavors next year.

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