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What Tests To Request

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my doctor ordered a blood test, an endoscopy and a colonoscopy and told me that there are no tests to find food sensitivities. basically that it's a process of elimination. is this true that food allergies/sensitivities cannot be tested? also, is a blood test the way to detect celiac? i would greatly appreciate any information anyone has that will help guide me on a path of healing. thank you.

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There are tests for true allergies but there are differing opinions on their effectiveness. There are no tests for sensitivities and he's right that an elimination diet is the test. I know of two allergists who ordered the patient to do elimination diets at home to discover their food problems. My question is if they're just going to have you do all the work yourself, what do you need the dr for?

If you conduct the elimination diet and challenge, your body will tell you what it likes and what makes it sick. Keep a journal because some reactions take a few days to set in and you shouldn't just rely on your memory.

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