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Celiac And Candida

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I've been researching and reading about the possibility of candida overgrowth being a factor in the onset of Celiac disease. I'm convinced I have Celiac, but I am also convinced I have candida overgrowth. It's not mentioned often, so you have to dig to find articles stating the relationship. My GI Specialist says he doesn't believe in candida in the intestine, but I had an allergist several years ago tell me that it the reason for my allergies and ear infections (he wasn't a holistic dr. at all) Maybe it doesn't exist? It's all so very confusing! Surely this has been a topic of discussion before, so forgive me if it's a repeat. I'm just looking for answers.

(Also, if anyone knows of treatment or more information for candida (and the relationship to celiac disease), please let me know your tips)...

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I haven't seen too much saying that candida is related to the ONSET of celiac disease, but I have seen plenty about how celiac disease is related to leaky gut syndrome and gut dysbiosis (sp?) creating the perfect environment for an overgrowth of candida albicans. I've known about having celiac for about 9 years. After managing it well for about 5-6 years, I started feeling horrible again. Long story short, it turned out to be candida. I kicked it by following the diet recommended by Dr. Crook in the book The Yeast Connection and Women's Health. I would also recommend Gut & Psychology. I also convinced my doc to give me a prescription for Nystatin, which really helped. She didn't believe in "systemic" candida until the Nystatin helped to eradicate a multitude of symptoms.

Best of luck!

Kim, The Food Allergy Coach

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