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Ok I'm feeling sick again, and not holding food down all that well. Normally I don't get hungry, but now I'm starved and have no idea what to eat! Normally I love yogurt, but dairy is seeming to bug me now too! What am I supposed to eat? Any suggestions? On top of trying to avoid gluten and dairy..I'm a freshman in college living in the dorms so I don't have a lot of options. Usually I just go to the cafeteria about once a day, and get salad or something, tho i dont think i can handle salad right now. Other than that, all I have in my room is oatmael (i know theres a debate on it whether or not its good for celiacs), rice cakes (my new best friend), peanut butter, applesauce, and soup (not sure if its gluten-free tho..so too scared to eat it). I am going home this weekend, so I plan to get some stuff I can eat. What do you guys eat normally? What do you eat when you're feel sick or "glutened"? Id appreciate any and all input!

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I would try and eat cereal. When I am feeling like that, I really just enjoy my cereal. I like the Healthy Valley the rice chex. I would eat it dry or in a bowl of milk. But in your case eating it dry would be good. Actually, just eating just any kind of ceral would be okay. Hope that you feel better. Good luck :)

Oh if you need anymore suggestions on cereal just let me know! :D

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If you're having problems, DEFINITELY nix the oats for now. As for simple things you can keep in your dorm room... I'll presume that you've got a fridge and a microwave (based on what you've said you've got) and go from there:

* rice cakes and peanut butter (you've got that covered, I see ;-) )

* apples with peanut butter (for the sweeter cravings ;-) )

* broth with frozen vegetables (like peas, maybe not corn) and/or frozen (cooked) shrimp (get some protein in there) (Imagine brand broth is very tasty and gluten-free)

* applesauce (with extra cinnamon)

* soy yogurt (if you can have soy)

* easy to digest fruit - bananas and mangos work for me

* rice (trader joe's has frozen white and brown rice that you can microwave in 2 min)

Tiffany aka "Have I Mentioned Chocolate Lately?"

Inconclusive Blood Tests, Positive Dietary Results, No Endoscopy

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Your school cannot make you pay for a meal plan if they do not offer you things to eat that are stricktly glutenfree. You should talk with them and maybe they will allow you to ahve certain things in your room.

Frusits and veggies are always yummie to eat.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah oatmeal didnt seem to be sitting well either but I was desperate...I talked to the people in charge of dining, and they were really nice and gave me a menu and went over food on it that I can and can't have (they were prepared, but some of the stuff I wasn't totally sure of and it was questionable..) Also, I've worked at the cafeteria, and I'm scared of cross containmentation. Plus they cater to the "normal" college diet (ie pizza, fried chicken, pasta..) or they always use a lot of seasonings that Im not sure of. Usually I stick to the salad bar, tho i kind of worry about cross containmentation with that too..are salad bars a good idea? Im avoiding it now because of feeling ill, but I mean when I am feeling good again. Sometimes they even have rice and veggies, so that is good and I even have asked them to cook it in another pan for me. Usually I get fruits and vegetables when Im done there, and am fine with that since I can't eat a lot at one time anyways.Plus, I only have two weeks left..but next year I am gettin an apartment with a full kitchen! Should I worry about using the same pan that my brother uses to cook his food? Should I have my own skillet? Is hummus ok? Thanks about the cereal comment- i absolutely LOVED my cereal (i lived off of it last semester..no wonder i was always sick..) What kinds do you like?I dont like sugary versions or chocolate. Im going to try and get the rice chex type ones you mentioned- i love having cereal around to be able to snack on.

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Are all broths gluten-free? My mom is on weight watchers and bought some broth to use when she makes rice, so I was wondering if i can have that when i get home. Also, i bought a healthy choice frozen meal (it didnt list wheat as an allergen- and it did on some of their other varieties) ..tho now im guessing it prolly isnt gluten-free? Also, are packaged rices (like rice a roni or uncle bens) usually gluten-free?

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not all broths are gluten-free, though many are. you have to read the ingredients and call the company on any questionable ingredients like "modified food starch". hummus, if you make it yourself, is gluten-free, but again, if you buy it prepackaged, you have to read the ingredients and call the company on any questionable ones. I know, I sound like a broken record, but every company makes their own products there own way, so it's not really possible to say "all brands of this type of food are gluten-free" reliably.

same thing with packaged rice things - you've got to read the ingredients and call the company on any questionable ones. but once you've got your own kitchen (and I'd suggest getting your own pan - it's not worth the worry), you'll be able to do all the cooking yourself and won't need to rely on packaged stuff as much. and you'll have the summer, soon, to think about how to cook fast, easy things that you don't need a lot of time between classes or while studying to do. (for instance, I think making your own seasoned rice is infinitely better than packaged versions, and needn't take any longer than just making rice.)

the cereals I used to have around the house (I really got tired of packaged prodcuts, so I don't have them around often any more) include Envirokids Gorilla Munch (good, but a bit sweet for my taste normally), Health Valley Crunch-Em's (rice and corn), Pacific Grain's Nutty Rice, Nature's Path's Mesa Sunrise and Cornflakes, and Erewon's Crisp Rice.

Tiffany aka "Have I Mentioned Chocolate Lately?"

Inconclusive Blood Tests, Positive Dietary Results, No Endoscopy

G.F. - September 2003; C.F. - July 2004

Hiker, Yoga Teacher, Engineer, Painter, Be-er of Me

Bellevue, WA

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Hi curiousifcd,

My daughter is a celiac and goes to the University of Maryland. She had huge problems with the cafeteria. She's doing much better now that she is in an apartment and can control the cooking of her own food. She has discovered that a crock pot is invaluable and has become a pretty great cook.

Find out if the cafeteria puts MSG or potatoe brightener on the salad mix. <_< Find out what is in their dressings. Maybe bring your own dressing.

I would definatley stay away from oatmeal. If a hot cereal feels good, you can try quaker oats rice cereal. It is a small orange box listed as gluten free right on the front. :D It is sold in regular grocery stores, I know Giant carries it. You mix about 1/4 cup with water in the microwave. I then stir in a yogurt and maybe some rasberries or blueberries. You could try some organic honey and raisins in it also. it's great and very comforting on an achey belly.


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Yeah the cafeteria ingredients really concern me..glad I'll be done with that in two weeks! Its hard enough figuring out whats gluten-free, espeically when you can't see a label. Do you find that a lot of salad dressings are not gluten-free? Im kind of wondering about the salad bar and the cross containmentation issues there. Are they generally safe? Im starting to like going to breakfast better to use up my meals- that way I can get scrambled eggs and fruit and be set. Dorms are nice socially but the cafeteria is just too risky, so the apartment will be nice. Specially cuz then I can have a george forman and a whole kitchen, helps that i like to cook i guess. What does she use a crock pot for? Thanks for the rice cereal idea, ill have to try that. Right now I have been having rice cakes with peanut butter or yogurt (tho i think im gonna have to avoid dairy for a little bit, till my stomache gets back on track) and fruit..tho it is nice to have other options once in a while.

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Hi curiousifcd, I havn't been back on line until today, life got too busy! :rolleyes:

We have found that ALOT of salad dressings are not gluten free. Too many of them have modified food starch, or wheat starch in them. Like you said it's soo difficult when you can't see a label. I would probably suspect that the cafeteria dressings are probably not gluten-free. In trying to keep costs down they would probably use less expensive items, hence the cheap fillers and thickeners in the dressings. Maybe you could bring your own.

She uses the crock pot all the time. In the morning before class she will put a couple of chicken breasts or some other meat, with some cut up veggies and a little water or wine or V8 juice or a can of tomatoe sauce (nestle brand or contatdina are gluten-free) put it on low, and go. Lunch and or dinner are ready when she gets back and it only takes a few minutes to make.

You may find after going complety gluten-free that your stomache heals enough for dairy not to bother you. Yogurt shouldn't bother you even if milk does, because yogurt has the bacteria that aids in digestion. Remember to get yogurt that is gluten-free. most are not. You could mix that warm rice cereal with applesuace and a banana. The banana and applesauce are both easy to digest so they should feel good on the stomach. For extra nutrition you can also mix a tablespoon of ground flaxseed in wth the cereal. Some people say it adds a little nutty taste, I don't really taste anything but the flaxseed has all those beneficial omega 3 faltty acids in it. Great for your brain, skin, body, everything. :D

Hope you start feeling better soon, Wendy

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Guest GFLisa0405

Thanks for the suggestions. I stopped eating salad at the cafeteria because I'm not sure about the dressings and even the cross containmentation issues. I usually just go for breakfast now, and cook at my brothers apartment. My mom had some salad dressing at home that is good- kraft raspberry vinigrate (since it is kraft it will show if there's gluten in it right?) I'm still not sure about if I can handle yogurt, I did call Kroger (That was the yogurt I was eating) and the dietician said all of the yogurts were gluten-free. I might just stick with yoplait, or at least not get the lite (Splenda sweetened) yogurt. Yoplait is all gluten-free right?

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Kraft and Yoplait will not hide gluten at all. They will hve wheat,rye,barley,oats right on the label if they contain any :D

Here are some other brands like that too:

Aunt Nelly's


Baskin Robbins

Ben & Jerry

Betty Crocker

Blue Bunny



Cascadian Farms

Celestial Seasonings

Country Crock


General Mills

Good Humor

Green Giant

Haagen Daz




Hungry Jack



Kozy Shack




Martha White




Old El Paso






Russell Stover

Seneca Foods



Sunny Delight

T Marzetti







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