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Gluten Free Mexican

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Are there any Mexican restaurants - local or chain- in Wilmington NC that have gluten info?

qdoba if you have a chain in your area your all set, you can also go to there website. they tell you what has wheat and what dosent.

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I eat at many "hole-in-the-wall" Mexican and South American places with no problems. Always cc possibility, I guess.

I give the Celiac Quiz: Is your rice cooked in any type of broth? Please make sure it's just water.

Is there any flour in your beans (sometimes used to make them serve more, go further)?

Are your corn chips fried in the same oil as other items?

What is your meat marinated in? (usually lime juice and cilantro, chile, etc.)

I am allergic (wait staff don't understand the term intolerance, they told me so) to wheat, so I cannot have any flour touch my plate. Please make sure there are no garnishes on my plate.

I eat fajitas w/corn tortillas, tacos with fish and all different meats, rice, beans, and sometimes chips and salsa., ceviche, shrimp cocktail, tostadas, etc. Some South American places have fried plantains, too!

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I've had better luck with Mexican than Chinese places. QDoba and Chipotle are good. There are a couple of independent Mexican sit down places I've had good luck in, one in Gloucester MA and the other in Providence, RI. Unfortunately, I can't trust the gazillion of them in my own neighborhood because they're too authentic and speak little English. I also don't eat meat and don't want pork fat, chicken broth and other stuff they put in EVERYTHING. When I try to explain, I just get a look like I'm from another planet.

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