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The Fluffy Assassin

Virtual Paella-- Come On!

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I'm thinking of trying to make a sort of paella. It'll be a fairly approximate version, as I really don't like much seafood except for shrimp and anyway don't have proper pans. Whaddayouthink? What would you put in your (or, virtually, my) paella? Online recipes call for what seems like very little rice (cup uncooked) and what seems like a ton of protein (well anyway, more than a pound). I'm thinking half pound of chicken thighs and half pound of shrimp, assuming I can find any caught in this hemisphere, and probably every kind of vegetable I can think of. I may commit the crime of substituting safflower oil for olive, as I've been told by a friendly celiackian that it has better Omega 3 content. (Shhh; don't tell Spain.) What are thoughts? Any paella tips?

Edit: Well that went over like a lead balloon!:) (Fortunately only on celiac.com; in real life it went over great.) Turned out a lot like paella only without the saffron and with a lot more vegetables. Great, terrific, awesome, gluten free, casein free, soy free, fructose light, and practically nightshade free (I threw in Old Bay, but didn't need to). Very strongly recommended.

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