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Hi I am new here and just recieved the results from my celiac panel. I do not see my doctor for a week to discuss the results and am wondering what this means. A little background, I do have lupus and am hypothyroid. My results were

TTG Antibody, IGA = <3 reference range is <5 negative. 5-8 equivocal >8 positive

IGA Serum= 440 range is 81-463

Gliadin Antibody (IGA)= 16 reference range <11 negative , 11-17 equivocal, >17 Positive

I am wondering if I am positive for Celiac disease? Thank you

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This doesn't scream a positive Celiac result, but it doesn't rule it out. You are not IgA deficient, which increases the accurage of the AGA IgA and tTG IgA tests. Your tTG is negative, but often the tTG is more accurate with more damage seen in the intestines on endoscopy, so if you have lesser damage, the test is not as sensitive. Your AGA IgA is equivocal, and very close to positive, but the AGA IgA test is not the most sensitive/specific. It will be worth having a discussion with your doctor regarding other blood tests (EMA IgA, AGA IgG, or gene tests?) or a follow up biopsy.

Given all that, some people do a gluten fre trial to see how the feel on the diet when the receive inconclusive results. However, do NOT start the gluten free diet until all testing is complete.

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